Tuesday, December 28, 2010

28/12/10 Update list

Here is the list of all of the changes, or fixes mostly:
{LEGEND *=change #=fix}
*Site-wide menu change: It's now sexier.
*Fewer pages: Stream page? wtf page? They were crap.
*Removed background: It seemed like a good idea to have a background, but without it, the site looks a lot cleaner, and that's what I'm going for.
#Every other page: basically, I needed to change the other pages to work with the new system (I.E. I needed to copy paste the code into a PHP index file and then change a few things within it.
#Site-wide menu is centered: pissed me the hell off.


I have a general list of things I need to still do (I still want a link to the stream page, and I guess I should stream, too. :P)
Basically, I want to continually update the site. I also want to start working on some videos. Seth and I both got StarCraft 2 for Christmas, so we may post some replays, and maybe even cast, if we don't suck.
I need to somehow get a capture card, because I'd like to record some gameplay footage from Monster Hunter 3 or something...
I also still need to get Seth's "teams" page working.

Anyway, this has been a pretty fun update. I really want to do more with the site and with the SvK YT channel, as well.

#EDIT: Herp derp, forgot that I need to fix the problem where the links in the "news" section of the site are taking the same properties as the menu. It's lametarded.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

SvK Updates

So far, I have updated the interface, and the format that the site is actually in. Nothing aesthetically has changed, other than the menu bar, which looks better, imo. The first thing I'll do, which should be done by tonight, is the website not being broken. Right now, the navigation bar for all of the pages except for the main page is broken. Shouldn't be too difficult/take too long. I also plan on making a better date system for the "news." Hopefully I'll be ballsy enough to get my own server instead of sharing one, so that I can actually show Blogger posts on the website instead of linking to them or whatever I'm going to do. That's it for now, I may think of something else fun later on...

Friday, December 24, 2010

The future of SvK

Hopefully, I can get my own server soon, i.e. early 2011, so that I can actually put this on the site, plus do other cool stuff, like PHP and fun stuff like that.